• LEAF & GRASS: [Date Leaf, Palm Leaf, Palm Fiber, Sea grass, Hogla (Typha angustata)] :
    Laundry basket, Waste Paper basket, Fruit basket, Tray, Lamp shade, Ornament box, Place mat, Coaster, Shopping basket, Hat, Mora (stool), Cutlery tray, Bread basket, Door mat etc.
  • GLASS (Recycled) :
    Jug, Glass, Flower Vase, Deferent shapes pot, Lamp, Milk pot, Sugar pot, Paper weight etc.
  • JUTE :
    Bag, Placemat, Floor mat, Doormat, Hammock, Baby sewing, Slipper, Sika, Wine bottle holder, Waste paper basket, Ornament box, Christmas decoration items, Mora(stool) etc.
  • CLAY :
    Flower Vase, Tub, Bird bath, Cane Toppers, Water Can, Foot scrub, Glazed pottery, Planter Pot, Night light candle holder (Animals, Birds etc.), Nativity Set, Ornaments, Wine Cooler, Show Piece , Christmas decoration, Bathroom scent pot, Garden products etc.
    Flower vase, Wine cooler, Fruit tray, Mug, Plate etc.
  • CANE :
    Basket, Tray, Umbrella holder, Waste paper basket, Laundry basket, Cane with clay pot, Storage basket, Food cover, Fruit basket etc.
  • WOOD :
    Spinning Top, Puzzle, Spoon, Cooking tool, Toys, Book stand, Boat, Animal figure, Ornaments, Tray, Photo Frame, Nativity Set etc.
    Candle Stand, Photo frame, Napkin holder, Show piece, Tray, Plate hanger, Watering can, Mug, Garden product etc.
    Ornament Box, Coin purse, Photo Frame, Ladies purse, Letter rack, Wallet, Passport holder, Waist belt, Book cover, Tray, Penholder, Key holder, File cover, Magazine holder, Telephone Index ,Note Book, Post-it pad holder, Glass case, Hand gloves etc.
  • CANDLE :
    Different types of candle, (Different color and shapes e.g. Fruit, Animal, Bird, Doll leaf), Candle in clay pot, Jell candle, Floating candle.
    Straw Art Card, Christmas Card (Lots of Design), Greetings card, Writing pad, Envelop, Pen holder, Photo frame, Christmas decoration, Book mark, Plaque, Gift Box, Note book etc.
    Glass with bamboo, Glass with cane, Glass with palm fiber, Glass with Hogla leaf, Clay with Hogla leaf, Tin with Hogla leaf etc.