Rukonuddin (age-45), from Brahmonbaria district, Village name is Hublerchur, a south-east district of Bangladesh, used to make handicraft products from Palmae tree leaves fiber as the profession. The skill he inherited from his ancestors. He started working with Palmae tree leaves fiber at an early age of thirteen years. By the end of the great Liberation War of Bangladesh in 1971, Rukonuddin left his home for Dhaka in search for job. Then he started a small business at Dhaka in Mirpur area as a supplier of KAROSHIN Oil . But he failed to do so. Then he returned back to his village.

In 1973 fortunately he met with a designer who offered him a job of craftsmanship for his organization (local) to make products using Palm tree fibers. He used to pay a very little amount of money. He worked there for 4 years. After married he left the local organization & started his own business. His wife also worked heart and soul along with him, and later on under her supervision his group member became very active & they did well in his own business of Palmae tree leaves fiber. He started working with JD Crafts since 1978. JD Crafts provides training and design to Rukonuddin and they also helps in marketing of his products. Now he gets some orders through JD Crafts.

JD Crafts provides him 50% advances for producing the product as he has no working capital. Rukonuddin has 8 children (5 boys & 3 girls). His total family members are 18.  His yearly total income is $ 2600.  His total group member is 100, Out of this group 95 is female & 5 is male. Number of beneficiary is 700. He paid to his group member daily /per production basis.

Now he is proud to work with JD Crafts as a producer and he is able to continue his family comfortably.